Candy Cane Puzzle

30 Dec
Candy Cane Puzzle

Candy Cane Puzzle

Candy Cane Puzzle
…ron helms

Well my wife comes home from a Christmas party at her work and she hands me this little gift she gets from the festivities.  Mmmmm. As I look it over and the contents therein I realize that this gift is very strange and the person that was giving them out must have had some enlightenment about the year 2010.

In the 1956 musical The King and I, the King played by Yul Brynner is quite pleased with Anna’s teaching. His eldest son Prince Chulalongkorn has some concerns, however. The young prince asks his father when he will know he knows everything and thus be ready to rule. The King gives him hope, but when he is alone, reveals that he himself is troubled; he does not know how best to rule (“A Puzzlement”).

And this Candy Cane Puzzle is certainly a puzzlement and it comes at the end of quite a formidable year. The gift has solely in its contents a candy cane broken into small sweet pieces. The more I looked at it each day the more my puzzlement.  No one could fix the candy cane back proper. It looks like it is pretty much a waste. Some days later my wife and younger daughter sing in a local production of Handel’s Messiah. Here I find some meaning to the Candy Cane Puzzle. God makes the crooked straight and the rough places plain:

“Every valley shall be raised up, every mountain and hill made low; the rough ground shall become level, the rugged places a plain.” ~ Isaiah 40:4 (NIV) Yes, 2010 had seen God at work in my life, my community, my state, my country and the world. His mighty bulldozer was at work in mighty ways for all to see. No one can deny it.

In 2011 we prayerfully ask God to take all these many broken, but sweet pieces of 2010 and make them into something beautiful. God always has plans for our future and does not mind getting all the ingredients ready to create something special out of the messes of our lives. He specializes in this. And God has all the time (he created time, you know) to prepare things so that they will be just right. When it was time Joseph was ready. When it was time Moses was ready. When it was time John the Baptist was ready. When it was time and the WORLD was ready for Jesus to step on the scene he was born in that manger. When it was time Peter and the disciples received the Holy Spirit and did amazing things IN CHRIST.  I could go on and on into the modern times with others, but you get the idea. So I know that when it is time, God will take our little Candy Cane Puzzles and do some amazing things IN OUR LIVES TOO! And, if you only knew, and you will in Heaven some day… God will show you the amazing things He has already done with MY and YOUR Candy Cane Puzzle. But there is more to come in 2011 and each and every year He gives us in this old world.

Happy New Year

~ Ron

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